Nova Launcher FAQ

Nova 7

If I previously bought Nova Launcher 6, do I need to buy Nova 7 again?

No. Nova 7 is a free update to Nova Launcher. Your existing license will work just fine.

I've been using and enjoying Nova Launcher 6 for many years and I'm not sure I want to deal with change in Nova 7, do I need to upgrade?

No. If you're happy with Nova 6 you can keep on using it. Make sure you disable auto-updates in the Play Store page for Nova Launcher. If you upgraded to Nova 7 already and wish to downgrade, make sure you have a novabackup. Nova7 backups aren't generally compatible with Nova 6, however if you upgrade from Nova 6 to Nova7, Nova7 will include your old Nova 6 configuration in novabackups just in case you decide to downgrade.

Download Nova 6.2.19

Home Screen and Widgets

Can you integrate Google Now/Discover into Nova Launcher's home screen like on Pixel Launcher?

Yes. The Google Discover page found in Pixel Launcher can easily be recreated in Nova Launcher with our companion tool. This requires a separate installation via sideloading, as the app isn't available in the Google Play Store.

Before installing the Nova Google Companion App, you'll need to be running Android 5.0 or above, as well as Nova Launcher 5.3 or above. The Infinite Scroll feature found in Nova Settings > Home screen > Scroll must also be disabled.

Keep in mind that Google Discover is owned and maintained by Google, so Nova is unable to provide any sort of custom options within Discover.

Can I have different wallpaper on each page of my home screen?

No, this isn't currently possible in Nova Launcher.

Can I set different wallpapers for my home screen and lock screen?

As long as your phone is running Android 7.0 or above, you can set different home and lock screen wallpapers when setting your wallpaper.

Can I create folders on the home screen?

Yes. Drag one icon on top of another to create a folder on the home screen. Alternatively, you can drag folders directly out of the app drawer.

Notification Badges

Can I set certain apps to use Dynamic Badges while others use Numeric Badges?

No. It's not currently possible to use two different badge types in tandem.

How do I enable Dynamic Badges, Notification Dots or Numeric Dots?

These are only available in Nova Prime, but once you've purchased it you can find Notification Badge options in Nova Settings > Notification Badges.


Can I change the on-screen navigation buttons?

You can only change the navigation buttons from system settings if your system supports it. This isn't something 3rd party launchers such as Nova Launcher have control over.

Does Nova Launcher support system gesture navigation?

This isn't up to Nova Launcher, or any 3rd party launcher, but up to the system. If your system does not allow you to enable gesture navigation when using a 3rd party launcher, unfortunately there is nothing Nova Launcher can do about that. Most Android 11 or newer devices do allow using gesture navigation with 3rd party launchers, however sometimes there are bugs or behavior differences between gesture navigation when using their launcher versus another one. Unfortunately this is not something Nova Launcher, or any 3rd party launcher, can change, it is dependent on the system, Google and your device manufacturer.

App Drawer

How can I get the app drawer button back?

The button to open the app drawer can be replaced a couple of different ways.

First, long-press on the home screen and then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access "Widgets." Then Nova Actions > App Drawer. This will add an app drawer button to the home screen which you can then place in the dock.

Alternatively, you can head into Nova Settings > App Drawer > Open App Drawer > Icon.

Can I sort the drawer icons?

Apps and folders are sorted alphabetically in the drawer. There is not an option for manual sort at this time.

I can't change the color of app drawer button, folder background color or my Google search bar. What's wrong?

Try disabling Nova's Night Mode. You should be able to change the drawer button, folder background or the search bar color after that, then you can restore Night Mode if you wish.

Can I set separate wallpapers in the app drawer and home screen?

Unfortunately, that's not possible at this time.

Can I hide apps in Nova Launcher's drawer?

There's an option to hide apps in Nova Settings > App drawer > Hide apps.

You can also long press an app icon in the app drawer and click the icon that looks like an eye.

Keep in mind, however, that this is meant to be an organizational tool and not a way to globally hide apps. Any hidden apps will still show up on the home screen and in search. If you want to completely hide an app, you'll need to use a third-party tool as this isn't something Nova Launcher can do.

Can I create folders in the app drawer?

Yes. Head to Nova Settings > App drawer > Drawer groups > Folders to create new ones.

Can I add a blur effect to the app drawer or folders?

It is not currently an option or planned at this time.

Nova Prime

Is Nova Launcher Prime a one-time fee?

Nova Launcher Prime is a one-time purchase and will allow you to re-install it on any Android device as long as you use the same Google account you paid with.

Do I need to have Nova Launcher and Nova Prime installed to get Prime features?

Yes. The Nova Prime app is just an unlocker for all the features in Nova Launcher. Prime features won't be available if the Prime app isn't installed.

Can I transfer my purchase of Nova Prime to another account?

Yes. We'll need your receipt for the original Nova Prime purchase, as well as the exact email for the new account. You should be able to find your original Nova Prime receipt in Google Pay if you have it set up.

Once you've found the original receipt, use Nova Settings > Contact to send a copy of the receipt and the new account. From there, we'll help transfer your Prime account over.

Please Note: The purchase must be at least 365 days(1 year) old before a transfer can be processed. Anything less than a year can't be transferred.

I want a refund for Nova Prime. How can I get one?

Before we can provide a refund, we'll need the receipt from your Prime purchase---you can oftentimes find this info in Google Pay > Activity. It's worth noting that we're unable to provide a refund if you purchased Nova Prime more than 30 days ago.

With the proper info in hand, please contact Nova Support with the subject "Refund." Attach your proof of purchase along with the refund request. Once we've processed the refund, the Nova Prime license will be invalidated.

How can I get rid of the ads in Nova Launcher and Nova Prime?

No version of Nova Launcher contains ads. If you're experiencing ads in Nova, it's likely caused by another app.


After updating my device to Android 11, Nova Launcher was uninstalled and I get an error trying to reinstall it

This seems to be a rare system bug affecting some users where one or some of their apps appear to be uninstalled. However when trying to reinstall it throws an error such as:

App not installed App signature doesn't match the signature of an already installed app with the same package name

INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package com.teslacoilsw.launcher signatures do not match previously installed version; ignoring!

We're not yet sure of the root cause and it doesn't happen to must users updating their device to Android 11. The issue seems to be that the system believes the app is still installed, but has no associated files.

There are a few ways to resolve the issue:

  1. If you know how to use adb from your computer you can run

    adb uninstall com.teslacoilsw.launcher

  2. This is untested, but it might be possible to uninstall from another app. You can try and let us know with the NovaUninstall.apk app.
  3. This does not work for most users, but some have had luck installing a version of Nova Launcher with a different signature, then uninstalling it and installing the official version. You can try this with NovaLauncher_6.2.19.resigned.apk. Please note that this version of Nova Launcher cannot receive updates, so if you are able to successfully install it, you'll then want to uninstall it and reinstall the officially signed version so you can get future updates.
  4. Factory reset. Sorry this is certainly not ideal.

Some more information and discussion of this issue is available on Samsung's forums:

Samsung Community: one ui 3 update, has deleted apps

Samsung Community: One UI 3 has deleted apps/disabled ...

Does Nova support double-tapping to turn on/off the screen?

If your device supports turning the display off by double tapping, you can double tap the notification bar at the top of the screen to execute this feature. Alternatively, can you set a custom gesture to do the same thing in Nova Settings > Gestures & inputs.

Due to API restrictions, we're not able to turn the screen on with a double tap in Nova Settings. This is a per-device feature only.

How do I enable the Labs section in Nova Launcher?

Open Nova Settings and long-press the volume down button until the Labs menu appears (it's below Backup & restore settings).

Open Nova Settings and long press at the top of the screen where it says Nova Settings. That will enable or disable Labs, accordingly.

Can I make a feature request?

Yes. In Nova Settings, scroll down to "Contact support" to send a feature request. All requests are handled internally and not posted publicly.

Note: Just because a feature is often requested doesn't necessarily guarantee its inclusion in Nova Launcher.

How can I send a crash report to the support team?

There are two ways of doing this, though the first method highlighted below is preferred.

First, enable Developer Mode on your phone, then enable USB debugging and Bug Report Shortcut. If you're not sure how to do that, head here for full instructions (Note: the process may vary slightly depending on which version of Android you're phone is running). With that set up, hold the power button and select "Take a Bug Report" the next time your phone crashes.

Alternatively, you can head into Nova Settings and long-press the volume down button, which will enable Nova Labs. From there, choose Labs > Debug > Show Device Info > Email, which will send us debugging info that includes the latest crash report. This method isn't as preferred, though it can also be helpful in some situations.

Can I help beta test Nova?

You certainly can! To become a beta tester just opt-in to the beta channel.

How can I translate Nova Launcher into other languages?

All Nova translations are handled at Crowdin Translations. All translations are included in the next major release of Nova Launcher, assuming everything is complete and correct.

Does Nova Launcher collect any personal data?

No. Nova collects crash reporting and analytics, but nothing personally identifiable. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

How can I directly contact support?

You can get in touch through Nova Settings > Contact support or sending an email directly( If you're having a specific issue, using the Contact support button in the app will provide us with detailed information that will help.

How can I connect with you on social media?