Nova Google Companion

Nova Launcher supports integrating the Google Now page into the desktop, like Pixel Launcher and Google Now Launcher, through the help of the Nova Google Companion APK. Unfortunately the API from Google is restricted to just preinstalled (system) apps, such as the launcher that came with your device. Third party apps can only use it through a workaround of manually installing a "debuggable" APK outside of the Play Store.

To enable Google Now in Nova Launcher

  1. Download and install the Nova Google Companion APK
  2. Ensure you are using Nova Launcher 5.2-beta2 or higher
  3. Go to Nova Settings > Google Now and enable the page

Note that if you are using infinite scroll, you will only be able to enable Google via "Edge swipe"

Download Nova Google Companion


1.1 Jun 21, 2017

1.0 Jun 14, 2017